• Ensemble : SILESIANIE
  • City : KATOWICE

Since 1977 Song and Dance Ensemble “Silesianie” at the University of Economics in Katowice has actively participated in the national and international folk life marking with their presence major and the most prestigious events in the country and abroad. Members of the ensemble will never forget a concert in Vatican during the private audience with the Holy Father John Paul II as well as the one in South Korea during FIFA World Cup or in China at the World Expo in Shanghai. The Ensemble also undertakes cultural initiatives such as “Silesians for the children”, “Silesians and their guests” which aim to help children with special needs, the elderly and the sick. ¯In addition they¯were engaged in¯Folk bands of hearts that focused on those who suffer from multiple sclerosis. Apart from the cultural activities, the Ensemble conducts seminars and workshops for teachers and dance instructors that concentrate on culture and folk art. In 2010 for the first time the Ensemble organized a Silesian Dance Contest that aimed to promote the cultural heritage of the Silesian region.