• City : CARACAS

The National Dance Company of Venezuela Foundation has a staff of professionals with extensive and recognized experience in the country. Since its creation, on May 10, 2006, it has emerged as a space for art in movement and for the development of its performers from contemporary and traditional dance. The cast consists of 40 dancers who have shown their versatility inside and outside the country, on international tours for Russia, China, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay, Ecuador and Bolivia. The traditional cast consisting of 20 dancers and accompanied by the ten musicians of the company, present a wide repertoire of the different cultural expressions that occur in the country, which is accompanied by a study of the manifestations from their handling by the communities, up to the theoretical significance that cultists, essayists, musicians and anthropologists have developed. The Fcnd is an entity attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Culture of Venezuela, created, in addition to generating a platform for creation and research of the dance in our nation.