• 24 November 2017
  • 11.00 - 14.00
  • Incirli Culture Center
  • Free

Author: Anonim
Director: Recep Şinasi Çelikkol
Age Group: 8 - 12
Language: Turkish
Duration: 40 Minutes

In this folk-play Hacivat comes onto the stage, singing, and calls Karagöz to come down form his home for a chat. After the introductory dialogue between Karagöz and Hacivat the main plot takes place; two rivals witches have a son and a daughter respectively. These two are in love but have quarrelled. Both of the lovelorn complain to their mothers. Thereafter, the witches hold a contest, during which several people are transform into animals and Zenne’s witchmother cast a spell on Çelebi and makes him become ugly. Following that, Çelebi’s Witchmother does likewise and Zenne becomes ugly. In the meantime, Karagöz makes fun of the things which befall the two lovelorn young ones Because of this, he is turned into a donkey by the witches. Hacivat is Changed into a goat and his son turned into frog. Karagöz’s son is made to become a turtle. Finally The young ones survive by chanting the words. However, Karagöz always chants the magic words wrongly. He is in turn turned into chiccken and a cat, Luckily he is finally turned back to his normal humanself. In olden times, before the entertainment began, varied pedlars passed in front of screen selling their wares. This play ends happily with music and fin-de-siecle cabaret chanteuse, efeler and belly dancers.