• 22 October
  • 11.00 / 14.00
  • Akpınar Culture Center
  • Free

Author: Mohammad BOROUMAND
Director: Mohammad BOROUMAND
Performers: Amir Javdani ZARIN, Aram NEYESTANI, Delaram KAFASHZADE, Mehroo OKHOVAT, Saba MEHR, Shervin REZAEI
Age Group: 8 - 14 Ages
Language: Non-Verbal
Duration: 45 Minutes

A bird named Kakoli is captured by storm. She asks every tree for refuge but no tree help her until a sycamore helps and rescues her. A friendship occurs between the bird and the tree. The bird stays beside the tree and nests on his branches and sings for him, although she is a migrant bird. One night an axe accompanying the night cut off the tree. Then the sycamore is changed to a scarecrow in a grain field. He does not like his new shape and misses Kakoli. Kakoli is searching everywhere to find her friend but she couldn’t. At the time of birds’ immigration she finds the scarecrow and guesses it is her sycamore from its smell. She has to immigrate to warmer places but she promises the scarecrow to return on the spring. Hope for seeing Kakoli again, the scarecrow resists against the autumn winds and the winter coldness. In the spring when Kakoli returns the scarecrow finds himself while he is a sycamore sapling. And the friendship between them remains forever.