• 23 September
  • 11.00 / 14.00
  • Bursa Academic Chambers Association Stage
  • Free

Author: Ali EYIDOGAN
Director: Ali EYIDOGAN
Performers: Basak UZUN, Burcin Demir TURGUT, Cagatay CANTA, Cagdas COBANOGLU, Harun DAGASAN, Inanc TARTAN, Muharrem Anıl SEREFLIOGLU, Selim Turgay DELI, Sebnem YURTTUTAN
Age Group: +5 Ages
Language: Turkish
Duration: 450 Minutes

All the birds, overwhelmed by the shadow of disasters and seeking a way out, decided to find the sultan of the birds under the leadership of Hüthüt. According to the legend, the Phoenix, who lives in Kaf Mountain, is the king of the birds and only it can help them. They must go through the Seven Ways for find to Phoenix. It is not easy to pass from the Patience Field, from the Love Sea, from Ability Mountain, from the Generosity Valley, from the Unity Cave, from the Wonder Forest and from the Desert of Destruction. Birds, which go the Seven Roads to reach the Phoenix, will have casualties during this journey. They will be strengthening with the remaining birds and overcoming many diiculties. But What they see there will be very different from what they expect. The birds, who have successfully completed the Seven Ways, now have their sultan Only these birds were able to reach the mystery of the Phoenix.