• 24 October
  • 11.00 / 14.00
  • Adile Nasit Stage
  • Free

Author: Abdul KINYENYA
Director: Robert MUSIITWA
Performers: Agaba Prince DANIEL, Akot MARIA, Etou STUART, Lukwanzi Kauther NDAGANO, Mpanda SAMUEL, Naganzwa ERIC, Nambalirwa JOAN
Age Group: 10-17 Ages
Language: Non-verbal
Duration: 30 Minutes

Child labour exists across a range of informal sectors – like agricultural, mining, manufacturing, domestic service, construction and begging on the streets. Often, these children are not paid for their work, and receive no social benefits or employment security. Despite the established and detrimental effects of child labour on children’s development and education, it’s still all too common, especially in Africa.

The story behind Ill-Legitimate emanates from the story of two boys and a girl who sold maize at the National Theatre in Uganda, as a way to find school fees for their siblings. The boys decided to work rather than going to school in the informal sector to pay for the school fees for their younger siblings, who also used to sell maize for an average of 6 hours per day, alongside their schooling, to supplement the income of the older boys.