• 25 October
  • 11.00 / 18.00
  • Nazım Hikmet Culture Hall
  • Free

Author: Hevi Hazal KALFA
Director: Hevi Hazal KALFA
Performers: Bugra ALKAN, Cemre KABABULUT, Deniz Umut BALTA
Age: +7 Ages
Language: Turkish
Duration: 40 Minutes

The theater play is about an adventure by Idil who is about 10 years old. Idil, who did not go to school and pretend to be ill to her family, intends to play with her tablet all day. But things do not go as planned. Power outage disrupts plans. When she gets and read a book, she starts an adventure. The doors of a magical world have been opened to her. Idil imprisoned by the Hayalocu, begins an adventure with the help of the laughter king Zizu and the wise owl Zeze.