• 28 October
  • 14.00 / 19.00
  • Akpınar Culture Center
  • Free

Author: Abdullah ALPARSLAN, Ekin GUNDU, Fusun OKSUZ, Mahsul YASA, Ozden ISILTAN
Director: Abdullah ALPARSLAN
Performers: Ekin GUNDU, Ersel DURSUN, Cagrı UNAN, Merve DOGAN, Muhtesem ANLAR, Ozden ISILTAN, Tuna OZTUNCA
Age: +6 Ages
Language: Turkish
Duration: 55 Minutes

It's a story in the country of words. The words produced in the Word Factory are sold in Dustin's Word Shop and people talk this way. Those who have a lot of money buy a lot of words, people who don't have enough money can't take every word, they don't talk too much. The rich child Gürbüz's and poor child Ozgur's life, who live in this country, life change with Cemile, who has just moved to the neighborhood. They both like Cemile.