London Workshop Company “Fantasy Worlds” Workshop

  • 25 October
  • 11.00
  • Youth Center of Gorukle
  • Free

Workshop Leader: Ruth BURGESS
Age: 6 – 10
Number of the Participants: 30
Language: English - Turkish
Duration: 2 Hours
Date: 25 October
Time: 11.00
Location: Youth Center of Gorukle

The workshop is child centred with the leader taking a variety of character roles to encourage the children to be creative and use their imaginations. Below are a few possibilities that might be explored depending on time. Maximum number of children – 30 per session. Session can be repeated with a different group of children or developed further over a day or two with the same group. Which world will the Magic Door lead to? We might find ourselves in Sweetie Land but will we be welcome? Or perhaps we’ll find ourselves in Outer Space, what will we discover is out there? Is there a secret world Under the Sea? Perhaps we’ll find ourselves swimming with Dolphins, solving Turtle’s riddle and finding the sunken treasure!