THE COMMEDIA SCHOOL “Physical Theater” Workshop

  • 25-26 October
  • 11:00
  • BKSTV Studio
  • Free

Workshop Leader: Ole Brekke
Age: +18
Number of the Participants: 30
Language: English - Turkish
Duration: 3 Hours (During 2 Days)
Date: 25 October / 26 October
Time: 11.00
Location: BKSTV Studio
Participants: Professionals

This workshop is for actors and would be actors of all ages and all degrees of professional experience, in other words, anyone who is an actor or who has a desire to be an actor. The workshop will develop the physical aspect of performing, and a heightened awareness of the movement of the body. With fundamental exercises on fantasy and discovering the body/mind condition for playing, participants will then utilize this condition to create stories.