Worked for 10 years at the festival committee within the Municipality, which was an innovative period after 80’s. Took place at the establishment studies of Bursa Culture Art and Tourism Foundation. The dialogue between IOV and the Foundation was shaped and begun during his period. Put the projects of World Folk Dance Olympics to the agenda, which the basics have been set in Italy. He took part at the international committees because of his enterprising and energetic character.


The Foundation became widely known during his period. The first culture art festival at international standards began to be organized. Without compromising of his perception of art, with a determined attitude, as a researcher and synthesizer, he shared with Bursa the true proud of presenting festivals all around the city.


He was the first Mayor of Bursa after 80’s. He was the founder of Conservatory of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. He gifted Bursa the Open Air Theatre later he would also build a roof on it. While he was the mayor of Bursa, Bursa Culture Art and Tourism Foundation was established. At the second period of ANAP administration (the political party in power), he has became Secretary General of the Foundation. Because of his health problems, left the job with his own wish. Until to that time he had an important role during the structural preparations of Bursa Region State Symphony Orchestra and other artistic events.

Ahmet Ö. Erdönmez

He has got great effort first at festival committee and then at the establishment studies of Bursa Culture Art and Tourism Foundation. By the mayor of the period, Mr. Ekrem Barışık, he has been charged with legal issues of the Foundation. Became Secretary General after Ekrem Barışık and studied to spread the festivals calendar through the year.

Melek Apaydın

She was a manager and educator, one of the founder member of Education Volunteers Foundation in Turkey, was the first Secretary General of KADER Bursa branch, ex-vice chairman of provincial council, from October 1999 to November 2001, she was the fifth but as a woman first Secretary General of the Foundation.

A. Banu Demirağ

She is humanist, true lover of art and a passionate lover of Bursa. She has raised the target of the Foundation, make festivals better by paying attention to details. During her period, Bursa Festival has hosted many great names.

Akif Koçyiğit

During his management as the most long term Secretary General of the Foundation, the seats of Open Ari Theater and the artist room recovered and attained a new look. An huge step are taken by the membership to International European Festivals Association, EFA. World known names such like Loreena McKennitt, Julio Iglesias performed for Bursa people.