The first Bursa Festival was realized in September 7, 1962 with the initiative of the Association of Bursa Tourism and Promotion. The first name of the festival was “Bursa and Horse Riding Festival” and the first international guest group was from Israel.


Since 1963 the festival has been carried out from the 7th to 12th of July


The Festival was organized by the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and continued to be done so.


A permanent festival committee was formed.


New activities took place along with folk dances. Development of infrastructure and stage facilities paved the way for performing arts such as concerts, opera, ballet, modern dance and musical theatre.


After infrastructural improvements, local governments decided to carry out and promote folk dance festival under a new identity and named it “International Golden Karagöz Folk Dance Competition.”


Bursa Culture, Art and Tourism Foundation (BCATF) was established.


Bursa became a member of IOV-WORLD International Organization of Folk Art.


Festival date was changed and has been carried out from June 12 to July 12.


Worldwide known stars began taking stage at the festival and the Foundation has begun carrying out its activities throughout the whole year.


BCATF Theatre was founded.

In order to succeed with its own resources and to continue serving public interest, 2.081,58 m sized land in Ataevler neighborhood was bought from the Municipality for the foundation with the decision of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Council.


The foundation began carrying out a series of festivals and activities: European Films, Kids and Youth Theatres, Karagöz Puppet and Shadow Play Festival, Literature Days.

Bursa Symphony Orchestra was founded with collaboration between the foundation and Uludağ University.


Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Library and Karagöz Art House began carrying out their services and all their income and expenses have been collected in the foundation.


Bursa Symphony Orchestra joined in Ministry of Culture of Turkish Republic and following this its name changed to Bursa Region State Symphony Orchestra.


In order to increase quality of folk dance groups participating in Golden Karagöz Folk Dance Competition, the event was turned into a “cash prize contest.”

Until 2004, the president of the foundation either Governor of Bursa, or Mayor of Bursa or President of the Foundation. However, in accordance with the change in the Foundation’s formal deed in Law of Foundations, abovementioned persons’ titles were removed and president of the foundation and the general assembly began to be chosen among members of General Assembly.


BCATF Theatre Society joined to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and Bursa City Theaters was established.

BCATF Karagöz Folk Dance Society was transferred to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality.


Karagöz Art House joined to Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and was turned into a museum.


The foundation joined to European Festivals Association (EFA).


Trademark registrations for International Golden Karagöz Folk Dance Contest, Street Games Festival, International Bursa Festival, International Bursa Kids and Youth Theatres Festival were executed.

In order to turn the foundation’s land into an income generator asset, rough construction of the building began.

First time in its history, an “Honorary Award” for those who worked for development of the foundation and a “Sponsorship Award” for supporters of the festival were presented. Following this year, these two awards are being presented every year.


To celebrate the 50th year of the Bursa Festival, the foundation invited world stars to Bursa and organized its first international level stadium concert with Ricky Martin.

The foundation designed and produced souvenirs which contributed promotion of Bursa. These designs were registered to Turk Patent Institute (TPI). These souvenirs were put up for sale at the festival for the first time.


A branch was opened at Korupark Mall as souvenir sales stand.

Trademark registration for International Bursa Karagöz Puppet and Shadow Play Festival was completed.


Construction of the school completed and transferred to 22nd Century Education institutions with a bid-lease. Bursa gained a new school.


For the first time in the history of Golden Karagöz Folk Dance Competition, participant countries opened their stands through which they exhibited objects that represent their cultures.

A new project for constructing an Open Air Theatre with a capacity of 5050 people + 105 VIP due to ending active service contract of current 3500 capacity Open Air Theatre.


The new Open Air Theatre project, which was inspired from silkworm pod, was introduced to the public with participation of the Mayor of Bursa.

In October 2015, the new Open Air Theatre project won 1st place in “The Best Activity Architecture” at European Property Awards in England.

The foundation have begun carrying out activities for the interest of the public, in order to deserve the status of foundation for public interest.

BCATF Kids and Youth Club was established.

For the first time in its history, Kids and Youth Theatre Club and Karagoz Puppet and Shadow Play Festivals covered 17 towns/cities of Bursa province. The foundation achieved a success in Turkey by facilitating number of stages used for these activities.

In order to increase quality of participating countries’ folk dance groups and the activities of Golden Karagoz Folk Dance Festival, the foundation contacted embassies.

Trademark registration for Karagoz Folk Dance Group was completed.

With the purpose of executing sustainable policies, Quality Manual Book was prepared following ISO 9001 Quality Management System.


A 3 year HIBE/DONATION contract has been signed with Governorship of Bursa to join «Ingenium Festa» supported by European Union.

Our Foundation and the Andong Festival Tourism Foundation (AFTF) signed a mutual cooperation protocol for festivals.

The competition was held for the first time in 17 districts of Bursa.

In order to contribute to the promotion and tourism of Bursa, Exhibition of Bursa at Rome was held at the Gallery of Turkish Embassy in Rome.

Itinerant art workshops, which were named “Art Is Everywhere” organized by BKSTV Children's and Youth Club throughout the year.


ISO 9001: 2008 QMS certification was obtained from TSE on January 2017.

"Children's Theater Laborer and Honorary Awards" started to be given to people who have made a significant contribution for the children's theater,



Ocak 2017 tarihinde TSE’den ISO 9001:2008 KYS belgesi alındı.


Uluslararası Bursa Çocuk ve Gençlik Tiyatroları Festivali’nde ilk kez seçici Sanat Kurulu oluşturuldu.


“Çocuk tiyatrosu emek ve onur ödülü” adı altında çocuk tiyatrosuna önemli katkıda bulunan kişilere bu yıldan başlayarak onur ödülü verilmeye başlandı.


Uluslararası Bursa Karagöz Kukla ve Gölge Oyunları Festivali’nde, festivale özel olarak hazırlanan “KIZ KULESİ EFSANESİ” gölge oyunu ile açıldı.


«BKSTV Mobil Çocuk Tiyatrosu» kuruldu.


Uluslararası Bursa Festivali’nde ilk kez ana sponsor desteği alındı.


Uluslararası Bursa Çocuk ve Gençlik Tiyatroları Festivali’nde ilk kez imza günleri gerçekleştirildi.


Uluslararası Bursa Çocuk ve Gençlik Tiyatroları Festivali’nde ilk kez özel bir projeye yer verildi. Alanya Belediye Tiyatrosu’nun “Kalbimin Sevgili Gözü” oyunu ile; izleyici çocukların, oyunda performans sergileyen 10-15 yaş aralığındaki özel çocuklar ile empati kurabilmeleri ve farkındalık yaratabilmeleri hedeflendi.


Uluslararası Bursa Karagöz Kukla ve Gölge Oyunları Festivali’nde ilk kez seçici Sanat Kurulu oluşturuldu.


Uluslararası Bursa Karagöz Kukla ve Gölge Oyunları Festivali’nde ilk kez Bursa şehrimizin de simgelerinden birisi olan geleneksel sanatımız Karagöz’ü; kadim gelenekte olduğu haliyle yeniden canlandırmak ve yetişkin tiyatro seyircisine bir Türk Tiyatrosu seyirliği sunmak amacıyla hazırlanan “Mürgzar Bağı – Bahçe” adlı Karagöz Oyunu Gala Gösterisi olarak sahnelendi.